■ Meiji Baby Milk Powder
Meiji milk best sales in Japan!To meet the nutritional needs of babies in Asia! Meiji milk dairy in 1987, the first in the world to complete the research and development of DHA in breast milk, Successfully added to infant formula DHA, become a global technology leader. More than 80 years, infant milk production experience, the strength of its product development and excellent quality. Meiji Milk in Japan held the largest survey of breast milk(4243people),170000 total visitors, developed the formula resembles breast milk.
November 21 Nintendo will start selling next-generation handheld DSILL.
Etsuyou Tsuusyou November 21 to November 23 to Izu island for travel within the community.
December 8,Etsuyou Tsuusyou and Japan's largest telecommunications traffic Web site scheduled to sign, when the sale will officially enter the communications industry.
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The company's agent in the world-renowned brand nutritional supplements and beauty skin care products.
Etsuyou Tsuusyou was established in 2011, the Ministry of branches all over Taiwan, Hongkong.
Etsuyou Tsusyou has always been adhering to: Honesty is the root of the establishment of the company's,Careers basis
of the credit for the company,make the world a prerequisite for broad customer base. Get your own money and earn deserved benefits, making friends, seek common development, and contribute to the community.