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Etsuyou Tsusyou Co.,Ltd. founded in early 2011, new era pregnant with limitless vigor and vitality, through the core team's efforts and hard work, We began in 2012 into the international market in the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region to carry out extensive cooperation in many fields of international trade matters. After 10 years of arduous pioneering and long-term development, Etsuyou Tsuusyou has become famous leading international trade company in Japan, China and the Asia-Pacific region. In China and Japan, Japan and South Korea, China-US trade in the Asia-Pacific region has achieved gratifying results by industry colleagues in a broad attention and respect. As the world economy, the accelerating process of global integration and in-depth, accompanied by the national inter-regional disparities and unbalance economic development intensified, resulting in all kinds of barriers to trade and wealth inequality. The passage of time, " Etsuyou Tsuusyou" the entrepreneurs could feel more and more disparities and inequalities in economic and social between state and state .people and people. In order to more consumers can enjoy the advanced technology and developed society created by the quality of material life, Etsuyou Tsuusyou to meet the overseas demand for different groups of people responsibility, take the initiative to take on more of the supply and demand sides must reach a trade, purchase and sale, logistics, after-sales and other full-service, and strive to perfect. To building harmony, development and win-win bridge of friendship between suppliers, customers and partners. Etsuyou Tsuusyou set up overseas headquarters in Tokyo, in Kyushu, Osaka, Kanazawa, Sendai, Sapporo, Chiba, and other places set up co-operation with the window company, In China inland and Hong Kong has its own marketing team, in South Korea established a service window in the United States has a close partner, increasingly sophisticated and sound marketing network and service team can meet the greatest degree of all kinds of different people in different countries demand for commodities, The middle of business is to make profits, this is not unreasonable, but in a proper way Etsuyou Tsuusyou has always been according to: Honesty is the root of the establishment of the company, trust, the foundation for the company Careers, justice for the majority of tourists make the world a prerequisite. Get your own money and earn deserved benefits, making friends, and seek common development, and contribute to the community. Let us bless " Etsuyou Tsuusyou, business pass the world"