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Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a non-burning of electronic cigarette and ordinary cigarette, its usefulness is similar to refreshing to meet the cravings, so that smokers a sense of euphoria and relaxation, while the role of a smoking cessation."Electronic cigarette" and the essential difference between ordinary cigarettes are:
●Does not contain harmful ingredients of tar, no carcinogens;
●No combustion, no combustion produced by a variety of harmful chemical substances;
●There is no "second-hand smoke, "the harm caused to others and environmental pollution;
●No fire hazard, the fire ban smoking premises could be used. For those who want to quit, or addictive, smoking can not be a place where people want to smoke resolve their problem, advanced technology value for money.


Radiation PRM1200, JB4020, DP802I, FS2011, 900 + etc in Japan general agen


Specifically for children shoulder, back, hips, three parts of decompression design, materials at the same time, fasteners are environmental testing, to protect children 's health